LinkSmart LocalConnect and GlobalConnect 0.2.0

Added by Aleaxndr Kryolsvkiy over 1 year ago

The LinkSmart team is pleased to announce the release of LocalConnect and GlobalConnect 0.2.0.
Changelog summary:

  • LocalConnect

    • Migration from godeps to gb vendor
    • Authentication and authorization support for HTTP APIs (Optional)
    • Persistent storage backend for service/resource catalogs (LevelDB)
    • Device Gateway:
      • Configurable MQTT topic via 'pub_topc' in the device protocol
      • MQTT SUB: allow changing resource state via MQTT (similar to HTTP PUT)
    • For other changes and bug fixes see Changelog
  • GlobalConnect:

    • MQTT Backbone-Protocol first implementation: Now MQTT tunnelling is available
    • Karaf is now configured to use system repository as default
    • Updating configuration files at runtime is now possible
    • For other changes and bug fixes see Changelog