• ebbits Components

    These are the Open-Source components from the 7th framework programme IP "ebbits"

  • GreenCom

    These are the components from the project GreenCom.

  • LinkSmart® Open Source Middleware Platform

    LinkSmart Logo

    LinkSmart® Middleware Platform is a framework and a service infrastructure for creation of distributed Internet of Things applications.
    It is comprised by a number of components organised in the following sub-projects:...

    • LinkSmart® GlobalConnect

      LinkSmart® GlobalConnect provides a tunnelling service than enables transparent communication of applications and services beyond the boundaries of a private (routable) network. It can be used to connect remote LinkSmart® LocalConnect environments over the Internet....

    • LinkSmart® LocalConnect

      LinkSmart® LocalConnect provides a set of components allowing to set up local smart environments consisting of a number of devices, applications and services, which can be discovered and communicated with using the publish/subscribe or request/response messaging....

    • LinkSmart® Services

      Umbrella project for Middleware services working with LinkSmart® and providing extended functionality for implementation of IoT applications and platforms.

      • Historical Datastore

        Historical Datastore is a service for sensor registry, data storage, and aggregation.

        For more information, visit the Wiki....

      • IoT Data-Processing Agent

        What is the IoT Data-Processing Agent?
        The IoT Data-Processing Agent (DPA) is a an IoT light service developed to provide stream analysis at the Edge of the Network. Built upon a Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine the DPA is able to fuse, aggregate, and annotate MQTT or REST events published in a broker, o push into DPA. The DPA was designed to be deploy at the Edge of the Network. Nonetheless, the DPA is a micro-service which can be use at the cloud, creating multiple instances of it. The creation of a DPA mesh, allows to distribute the load crating distributed processing units. The data-processing is done by rules deploy by the developers. ...

        • Agents & Components GPL Based

          Agent distributions and components that relies on GPL or LGPL components. All artifacts in this project are released with a LGPL licence.

      • Model Repository

        Service managing LinkSmart domain/deployment models

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